There Are Different Levels Of Tree Vigor In The Urban Forest. Some trees planted die during the first year. Some trees lack vigor, grow slowly, and never attain their full potential. Some trees thrive. The trees that thrive are those that were properly selected and that are growing under optimum soil conditions.

Site Analysis

SITE ANALYSIS is a procedure by which the limitations to healthy tree growth are identified.  Different tree species have different limitations regarding sun and wind exposure, as well as space requirements for canopy and root development.  Limitations in the soil enviornment result from restricted volumes due to compaction, soil moisture and soil chemistry.  When the necessary information is known about a site, a tree species can be chosen with compatible tolerances for the site's limitations. When soil compaction limits soil volume, the easiest mitigation is to excavate additional soil surrounding the planting site to create a volume commiserate with the long term needs of the tree.
Visit the Urban Forest Ecosystem Institute website and use the SelecTree program for descriptions of species' qualities.  If you are not personally familiar with a species, it is always advisable to seek the opinion of a knowledgeable nursery person or arborist.
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