Tree people touch trees.  Tree touchers have an innate understanding about natural systems.  Tree people understand the basics of business.  I am trying to add the third part to complete the circle.  Once tree people begin to understand how the tree system works, they will be the ones who develop the best practices for working on the trees.  -Alex Shigo

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Recommended Reading

  • Modern Arboriculture- A Systems Approach To The Care Of Trees And Their Associates, by Alex Shigo
  • A New Tree Biology- Facts, Photos, And Philosophies On Trees And Their Problems And Proper Care, by Alex Shigo
  • Stupsi Explains The Tree- A Hedgehog Teaches The Body Language Of Trees, by Claus Mattheck
  • The Body Language Of Trees- A Handbook For Failure Analysis, by Claus Mattheck and Helgo Breloer