Casual Observation of Street Trees reveals many of the common problems communities are faced with today: lack of tree vigor, structural defects, decay, uplifted pavement, wounds caused by passing vehicles, diseases and infections from pathogens.  The reasons for most of these problems can be traced back to insufficient planting site preparation, mistakes made in species selection, or lack of proper early care. 
We like to plant trees on a pedestal!  Leaving a pedestal of unexcavated soil for your tree to perch on helps it to not settle below grade.  Digging large holes allows newly planted tree roots a better opportunity to access a greater soil volume and rely less on supplemental irrigation during its establishment phase.

How To Plant A Tree

Offered below are four undertakings designed to assist one in the process of correctly planting a tree.

We recommend using larger stature trees where space allows.  Larger trees offer more of the amenities that trees are known to provide.  However, it is always a mistake to plant a large stature species in a location with insufficient air space to accommodate a mature canopy and/or root space to sustain a long healthy life with minimal root related hardscape displacement.